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Mandated Programs


Internationally Mandated Programs

- Originally designed to promote the study of Negro life and history. Today, Achievement Week is used to seek out and give due recognition to those individuals at the local, national, and international level who have made a noteworthy contribution toward improving the quality of life for black Americans (see also National High School Essay Contest).

NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL ESSAY CONTEST - This is a phase of the National Achievement Week observance held in November of each year. The contest is open to all college-bound high school seniors. College scholarships are awarded to the winners, each of whom must submit an essay on a theme/topic which is chosen annually by the fraternity.

SCHOLARSHIP - The Scholarship Program is intended to promote academic excellence among the undergraduate members. Graduate chapters are expected to provide financial assistance to student members and non-members. A portion of the fraternity's national budget is allocated to the Scholarship Fund now called the Charles R. Drew Memorial Scholarship Fund.

NATIONAL SOCIAL ACTION PROGRAM - All chapters are required to participate in programs that uplift their society. Many participate in activities like: voter registration, illiteracy programs, mentoring programs, fundraisers, and charitable organizations such as American Diabetes Association, United Way, and the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation.

TALENT HUNT PROGRAM - Each chapter is required to hold a yearly talent contest, in an effort to provide an opportunity for young people to expose themselves to the Performing Arts. Individuals who win these talent contests receive an award, such as a scholarship or financial prize, and represent the chapter at the Florida State Talent Hunt Competition.If successful, some participants at the national level are awarded college scholarships.

MEMORIAL SERVICE - March 12 of each year has been established as Memorial Day. Chapters are expected to conduct an appropriate service to recall the memory of those members who have entered Omega Chapter.

RECLAMATION AND RETENTION - This program is designed atthe national, district, and local levels to retain active brothers and reclaim/return inactive brothers to full participatory status.

COLLEGE ENDOWMENT FUND – Each year the fraternity gives at least $50,000 to historically black colleges and universities in furtherance of Omega’s commitment to provide philanthropic support.

HEALTH INITIATIVES – Chapters are required to coordinate programs that will encourage good health practices. Programs that members involve themselves in include HIV/AIDS awareness, blood drives, prostate cancer awareness, and sickle cell anemia awareness programs.

VOTER REGISTRATION, EDUCATION, AND MOTIVATION – Each chapter is encouraged to conduct and coordinate activities that promote voter registration and mobilization, educate the community about the voting process, and motivate registered voters to participate in the electoral process.

NAACP – A Life Membership at Large in the NAACP is required by all chapters and districts. All members of the fraternity are encouraged to become members of the NAACP.

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